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Didi combined her education and over 18 years of bookkeeping experience before to start as a freelancer and establish Daybooks and Ledgers. She is a certified bookkeeper and a member of American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers. She has a MS degree from University of Economics Varna in Bulgaria. Didi's background includes full charge bookkeeper, payroll specialist and staff accountant for tax services business. 

"Dear business owners, every day  you dedicate your mind and soul to the business, I do the same for Daybooks and Ledgers  365 days a year. Feel free to e mail me any day and time if you have questions or need anything else". 
Best Regards
  Didi Markova-Katsahian CB

" During my career as a bookkeeper and a staff accountant, I had the opportunity to work closely with many business owners and see how different and unique they are in terms of financial management and methods of operations. When I decided to start my own business as a freelancer, I had the vision for building trustful relationships with my clients and giving all my attention to their needs. 

I think the foundation of success starts with good relations and quality of work, a belief that keeps me motivated. My goal is to provide a premier service, accurate reports and help my clients to control and manage their businesses better and have up to date records."

With my best wishes


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