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            Bookkeeping Services                     
What We Will Do:
  • Input and process all data into Quickbooks, data such as checks, deposits and other transactions affecting the checking account.


  • Reconcile your bank and credit card accounts.


  • Do adjusting entries as necessary


  • Provide  income and balance sheet statements.


  • Year end closing


  • Preparation of form 1099

  • Preparation of sales taxes, business license renewals.



What You Will Do:
  • Provide information on timely and periodic basis such as business bank statements, check registers, vendors information, contractors information and other data that we may require to complete the work.

  •  Inform us immediately for changes, new activities, new assets, etc.

  • Provide or verify information upon request. 


   Contact us:

(703) 362-0099

TIP: Keep business and personal expenses separate.  If you have not done it yet , please do so, open a separate bank account, get a separate business credit card and you will do yourself a big favor. Then you have in control your business expenses and income , make a lot easier to manage your finances.
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