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                 Payroll Services                 
What We Will Do:                                 
  • Compile payroll accounting records

  • Process payroll according to your business pay period schedule.

  • Process payroll deposits to the IRS and State electronically.

  • Print paychecks or do direct deposits. 

  • Pay employer withholding and unemployment taxes.

  • File all federal and state taxes and forms

  • Issue and file W-3/W-2 forms end of the year.


What You Will Do:
  • Provide employees W-4 and other related to payroll information or documents. 

  • Provide regularly time sheets and employee hours, bonus, vacation or holiday pay info.

  • Inform for any changes to employees status and pay rate.


Every employer needs to decide on a pay period for their employees. Pay periods can be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. This will help you stay organized and make payroll run more smoothly. 
Another important payroll tip to follow is properly classify your workers. Whether you hire full-time employees or independent contractors,if the person is performing work for your company, they typically should be classified as an employee and company withholds income taxes. 
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