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Bookkeeping Services


Bookkeeping service fees are flat and start from $100/month. The price is based on the bank and credit cards transactions taking place each month. We estimate the service price by looking at the transactions in the previous three months.

​The service fee includes:

  • recording checking and credit card statements,

  • accounts reconciliations,

  • review of books,

  • adjusting entries,

  • year end closing,

  • preparation of financial reports

  • sales taxes 

 Forms  1096 & 1099 MISC  -  $15/form


In house bookkeeping- $40/hr + travel expenses

Payroll Services


Set up fee is $100 one time and is required prior to starting up payroll services.

The set up fee includes:

  • Adding new account to our payroll service account 

  • Setting up the new company and create payroll data.

  • Registration for Electronic Federal tax Payments

  • Registration with the State Dept. of Taxation and Unemployment office. 

Payroll service fees start from $50/month. Payroll service rates are flat and agreed in advance. The rate depends on the number of employees and pay schedule-weekly, biweekly or monthly.

​The service fee includes:

  • Processing of payroll and issuing paychecks

  • Payments for Federal and State tax liabilities to IRS and State Dept.

  • Preparation of forms W-2 and W-3 at the year end.

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